About the Book

Treacherous Estate

by Behcet Kaya
In Treacherous Estate, award-winning author Behcet Kaya introduces us to Jack Ludefance, a P.I. who lives aboard his 57-foot houseboat in the Florida Panhandle and keeps an alligator for security. Written from Jack’s first-person point of view; his commentary is frequently terse and self-deprecating. He is a man who knows his limitations and honest enough to admit them, but rarely indulges in self-pity. Unlucky in love and sometimes a bit awkward with women, he has the outward scar on his face from wrestling with a gator as a kid and the inward scar of the loss of his wife to divorce. While enjoying his usual Friday night after dinner beer at a local restaurant, Jack’s evening is suddenly shattered when a beautiful young woman sits down next to him, whispers, “Can you help me, Mr. Ludef…?” then falls dead. When her death is ruled ‘natural, ‘ Jack begins to investigate why she came to him desperately seeking his help. To complicate matters, her husband is a prominent, highly respected local businessman. As Jack unravels the pieces to the unsolved puzzle, the more heinous the crimes of the dead woman’s husband become and Jack finds his own life is in danger.
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