About the Book

Murder in Buckhead

A Jack Ludefance Novel

by Behcet Kaya
Behcet Kaya’s “Murder in Buckhead” follows PI Jack Ludefance in his latest case. The story resonates with Kaya’s knotty narrative, interesting characters, and the realism of basic human aspirations. Buckhead, a district within Atlanta with high-end residences and businesses, is the scene of the discovery of a body. As meticulous Detective Shamir Turner assesses the circumstances of the alleged suicide of Casey Ray Olmsted, the son of influential US Senator Bartholomew Jeremie Olmsted, he is certain of foul play (all shreds of evidence are contrary to the suicide claim). In the wake of Senator Olmsted’s request to stop the investigation of his son’s death (since it’s a suicide), Turner has no choice but to do nothing (well, just officially…). Meanwhile, Jack receives a phone call from Scarlet Olmsted asking him to look into the ‘real’ deed behind her son Casey’s death. Blaire Olmsted, Casey’s widow, issues a second request pleading with Ludefance to investigate the senator (her father-in-law) who is after her life. With Rudy, the young expert hacker, and Turner, the ever-ardent detective, the plot follows Jack’s adventure to unravel the mysterious death of Casey – suicide or murder, or is there an entirely different angle to the case?
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