About the Book

Body in the Woods

A Jack Ludefance Novel

by Behcet Kaya

Award-winning author Behcet Kaya has once again brought his PI protagonist Jack Ludefance to life in a novel of suspense and mystery in his latest book titled, Body in the Woods. Set in the hills in Malibu, California, Jack is asked by his friend, a wealthy businessman in the military defense industry, to come to his aid to help solve a murder; because it seems his business partner’s body has turned up murdered and the police have pegged him as the prime suspect. Although not yet formally charged, he needs Jack’s help to find the real killer and thus secure his freedom, while solving the crime of who actually killed his partner. What begins as a private investigation into the evidence surrounding the death of the notoriously cunning, smart, and cleverly manipulating business partner of Jack’s client, turns into an international quagmire of intrigue, scientific secrets, and vast amounts of money. People with power, influence and fortunes are all jockeying for a once-in-a-lifetime business deal, while death surrounds the periphery of their involvement. This book is impossible to put down and will surprise the savviest of readers with its twists and turns of logic, morality, integrity, and honesty. Gary Sorkin.

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